Korra goes back to Republic City and the group is all like 

  • Mako: You're back!
  • Asami: We missed you!
  • Bolin: A lot--did you get my last letter?
  • Mako: Also we have something to tell you--
  • Asami: Mako and I hooked up again.
  • Korra: ...
  • Mako: ...
  • Asami: ...
  • Korra: That was a joke.
  • Mako: Yeah.
  • Asami: Cause that's... what happened last time...
  • Bolin: Bwaaaah!


Silly Mako <3


I’m here, Korra.
I wanted to so some proper fanart of the book 3 final, plus I join to the hair party&#160;? :3


I’m here, Korra.

I wanted to so some proper fanart of the book 3 final, plus I join to the hair party ? :3

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eunoia-of-the-mind replied to your post: Everytime I see “I don’t ship it but t…

This fandom has made me extremely sensitive, they are not my drawings but every time I see those comments on koko, I feel like a diamond back, I want to warn and hissssssssss and then you know whats coming >:-X.

Lol it’s like that hades gif

Also the Sim-family-bed drawing is going around again, and it’s just reminding me how much I shot myself in the foot with that one, cause it was supposed to STOP at baby 2 and then okay sure one last time baby 3 is okay. And then there was 4 AND IT MADE ME MAD, but I got used to it, and then 4 was gone. And I was like, “Oh that’s sad. That’s okay, you can try again.”


Oh and the same goes for any other drawings. Like my Mako back drawings. “I don’t normally like Mako buuuut…”

Everytime I see “I don’t ship it but this is… [cute/sweet/etc]” on one of my Makorra drawings, for a split second my brain can’t decide if I should be proud or territorial.


I’ve always loved Will’s split second face of “Barbossa? What the fuck? When was he an option?!”


There, now I’ve broken the month drought. I shall return to my other drawings now.

Slightly less silly doodle of the day

Slightly less silly doodle of the day

Silly doodle of the day

Silly doodle of the day


What shipping wars feel like to shippers:


What shipping wars actually look like:


Restitution - Bolin (Part Six) 


Title: Restitution, Bolin (Part Six) (ff.net)

Other Chapters: TonraqTenzinJinoraKorra, Senna

Rating: T

Length: 3,273

Summary: A series on Korra’s recovery process told from the perspectives of many different characters. Some of these are based on prompts, and some are my own invention.

Chapter Note: This is for basically everyone who wanted a Bolin chapter, but especially the Anon who wanted “Bolin + food.” 

Bolin is one of the most difficult characters for me to write, partly because his comedic nature contrasts with the tone of a lot of my writing. You’ll note that the style of this chapter is somewhat different. It’s also just more difficult for me to get in his head. But my picture of Bolin is that he is a very sweet guy who can be thoughtlessly (not deliberately) insensitive and that navigating the emotional minefield of a friend with a serious health problem would be challenging for him.

I also just decided that with Opal, Bolin is the kind of boyfriend who quotes his girlfriend all the time, to the point where it annoys his other friends. That’s where the first paragraph comes from, at least. 

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