And regular Mako for pretty much everyone.


And regular Mako for pretty much everyone.

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please tell me there's fanfiction to accompany this camp au :D (that drawing is hella nice btw)

I think Francesca might be chipping at something maybe. I don’t write that much cause I’m lazy and also I draw and don’t want to step on people’s toes by doing both.

There. Long post.

Welcome to Camp Laogai?

Welcome to Camp Laogai?

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Naw, but if it scans right I’ll get it up and it might make some people smile

Oh no I drawed a picture

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That humidity thing explains so much! *sigh* I’ve never been camping and never went to camp outside a week in fifth grade that everyone did. I spent my summers on a swim team.

Yep! Moisture is kind of your enemy when camping. It’s for that same reason you want to avoid insulting yourself so much that you get TOO warm and sweat. It’ll backfire and make you chill later when the temperature drops. (I’m talking about camping in the mountains and desert, where the temperature becomes very cold at night, year-round.)

Except for DRINKING water and staying hydrated, you want to be dry or you’re gonna have a bad time.

The Camp Fire guide with the angry eyes
Fell in love with the Water guide
And every night under the pale moonlight
Across the lake he’d glide

He hugged and kissed his pretty little miss
Under the bamboo tree
And every night under the pale moonlight
It sounded like this to me:

Boom-boom (kiss-kiss)
Boom-boom (kiss-kiss)
Under the bamboo tree
Boom-boom (kiss-kiss)
Boom-boom (kiss-kiss)
Korra won’t you marry me—

Just take the scene in Book 3 where Mako had to play the firebending fugitive and Korra put him in the air tornado. Starting ‘tudes for the whole cast right there.

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everything. camp cheers. what camp song would mako find most annoying

Well, for us camp cheers were just invented by the kids or counselors as a method for roll call in a lot of cases. Each sub-group often has an assigned pair (at least) of counselors and the counselors are responsible for accounting for each one of their kids. Then when it’s time for roll call, the group’s name would be called, to which the group response to indicate they’re all accounted for.

This could be as simple and boring as a sleepy “Here,” or “Woo!” But the groups that had a generally more positive and fun-loving attitude with their leaders and kids would come up with full out chants and potentially running jokes, often with the intent of getting the biggest laugh out of the rest of the camp. So like… Bolin’s group re-writing the lyrics to pop song choruses for their chants, or trying to cram as many puns and inside jokes into theirs as possible. ("Ehhhh Mako-rena!" Mako: >:| "You do this every freakin’ year and then they dont’ stop singing it-stop it!!") Or Asami/Korra’s group having a yo-mama style roasting war with Mako’s group. Or Asami/Korra’s group working decreasingly subtle “hints” that they would like Mako to kiss either Korra or Asami in front of the whole camp, cause they ship them.

Seriously, it’s Korra’s group’s goal to matchmake Mako by the end of camp. Mutiny and conspiracy. They’re preteens and teens who have like boondoggle to occupy their minds, and they ship their pretty single grumpy counselor with all their raging hormones.

As for what camp song Mako would find annoying, I kinda gave you one answer, but there all kinds and that’s just as much your call as you’d decide what song on the radio he’d find annoying. :-P




OK Francesca but if you’re camping AU please consider:

  • The camp councilors weaving rope hammocks high up in the trees

  •  Mako teaching how to build proper fires and KORRA STOP SHOWING THE KIDS HOW TO MAKE PINECONE BOMBS

  • DO NOT FEED the wildlife Mako says. Bolin feeds all the wildlife—especially the ground squirrels. The kids feed the wildlife cause Bolin feeds the wildlife. Wildlife eating campers’ food cause they fed the wildlife and MAKO SAID NOT TO FEED THE WILDLIFE BUT NOBODY LISTENS TO HIM CAUSE IT’S NOT FUN


  • First aid training (complete with practicing injured person carries and CPR training which makes the kids giggle)

  • Speaking of first aid, Korra as camp “medic” and having to treat how many cases sunburns and dehydration

  • Pictures pictures pictures - a camp scrapbook wall with daily points/awards for the “best” pictures that devolves into a battle between camp councilors; for example Korra institutes a special award for people who manage to get a picture of Mako smiling

  • Which also prank wars, duh—especially if each group/tent/however they’re divided has a flag and there’s a capture-the-flag tradition

  • Cheesy trust and team-building activities

  • Corny kids’ games: truth or dare, skittles, would you rather—all that dorky stuff

  • Cheer contests for every nightly and morning camp roll-call—Bolin is particularly good at this

  • All-nighters. Watching the stars and then the sunrise and drinking hot chocolate in hoodies and blankets.

  • Playing songs on guitar and writing new songs (so much singing. too much singing. kids you sang that song three minutes ago and three minutes before that please sing something else or—!!)


My one memory of summer camp was that it was awful and I didn’t poop for the entire week. But I’m completely on board for whatever is going on here.

ETA: OOOOOOOHHHH!!!! And really terrible skits. That is my other memory of summer camp.

Lol we had some great skits—I almost peed my pants a few times from laughing so hard. Depended on the group, obviously.

There also needs to be a trope of the camp councilors having to rescue the kids after they get lost, because they had ONE LESSON from Mako on how to navigate in the wilderness and Kai’s like “Psh don’t worry.” But then one of the councilors gets injured had has to be rescued by the kids, who prove they actually DO pay attention mostly. Yep.

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the night we had to make our own tents our of tarps, there was a tornado watch. we spent most the night in a playground bathroom nearby. yay kansas~

Lol yay for having mountains out here. The one thing we never got to do that my brothers did (but they hated it so…?) was snow caves in the winter. They always did it WRONG though. They never (starts to bust up laughing).

OK so you know how tents are made with waterproof material, right? So the humidity from your breath gets caught in the tent unless you leave the door open a crack, which is CRUCIAL to do in winter camping out here. Anyway one time my brothers went winter camping, they refused to listen to that advice and when they woke up the next morning they were COVERED in frost and ice all over their faces, their blankets were all stiff—

ETA: OK now I”m laughing at all the funny stuff that’s happened before. Your tornado warning reminded me how one time Chris and Brandon and some of the neighborhood boys got cut in a dirt devil out west of the lake… And one of the guys went out of his tent and started throwing up in the middle of trying to catch all their gear flying around and I just die laughing every time—it was terrible


They probably have large permanent tents on platforms or cabins, but they could have a survival training course where they build lean-tos OR OR OR they could go on an over-night hike and get practice putting up tents.

Then tent-dropping shenanigans ensue.

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Oooohh! For the camp au, the CPR training is demonstrated by korra and mako and when they have to do mouth to mouth all the campers are giggling. And you just know mako and korra are blushing like crazy.

Lol they probably have a beat up training dummy that was donated. But you know that the young girl campers are giggling over the idea of the scenario and wondering how they could somehow arrange for it to happen…