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If I’m remembering correctly, the suggestion that Korra is physically beautiful has only been brought up in this show a grand total of two times, both by Bolin (and then one additional time “you look beautiful” was used as a compliment by her father).

When it comes to Mako,…

Come to think of it, the same is true of Asami (who fits more closely with the traditional idea of “beauty,” at least as it’s understood in our world)—that is, her physical beauty has been mentioned only twice in the show, both times in relation to Korra. First Korra herself says it when she’s comparing herself unfavorably to Asami (“prissy, beautiful, elegant rich girl”) in “The Spirit of Competition.” Then, much later, Grandma Yin says it in “The Ultimatum,” when she mistakes Asami for the Avatar and tells her, “You are even more beautiful than I imagined.” (Of course, her remark that “Mako told me so much about you” implies that Mako has been talking about Korra in terms of physical beauty… or perhaps he just gave such a glowing report of her personality that Yin jumped to conclusions about her appearance as well!) 

In general, it’s interesting that this show places so little emphasis on the appearance of its great variety of female characters—even less than AtLA did with Katara, Toph, and Ozai’s Angels.

I wrote a way better composed answer to this earlier and lost it. (Sigh.) Well, take two:

I agree, but I do have a one point in contrast to it, because I’m also interested in non-verbal representation. And there is a difference on the non-verbal presentation when it comes to Asami, in that her beauty is suggested to at least be a portion of his initial connection with her. He was going to give her some choice words, and was left dumbstruck and blubbering just because she took off her helmet and gave her hair a toss. While he’s never verbally stated he thinks Asami’s beautiful exactly, he’s literally had a “Wow” moment. That’s never really happened with Korra, and wasn’t a part of the foundation of the Mako/Korra relationship.

An additional difference from the writers’ presentation of Mako’s connection with Korra, is that Mako’s never really plainly stated what it is that he likes about Asami. The closest we get is when he suggests that choosing her is smart. But he hasn’t gushed about her the same way he has about Korra. And the fact that he doesn’t really PRESENT much else in argument doesn’t help paint a picture for us on where Asami sits on his radar. I personally think that his conflict in the triangle is presented in a way that his reasons for wanting to stay with Asami aren’t driven by, “Because she’s hot.” I would be surprised if that wasn’t one of the main reasons he STARTED dating her. But all that has to be inferred, because Mako is not written as openly prioritizing the girls’ appearances, regardless of whether or not their looks play a role in his draw to them.. 

Another contrast to look at on this (and this shouldn’t be surprising, cause they’re almost systematically written to be opposite each other): Bolin’s spoken dialog and behavior DO seem to point to appearance in greater measure… rather consistently. In fact, with Opal and Asami as the exceptions—although we didn’t get to see him meet Asami—he’s reacted  to the appearance of the girls before anything else, becoming interested in Korra, Eska and Ginger without knowing anything about them. It was a double-take that preceded his helping Korra sneak into the Pro-Bending Arena. Again, just looking at Eska and Desna was enough to get him interested. And we know how things went with Ginger. 

And on a verbal standpoint, it tends to underline that a bit. As I mentioned, he’s been the only person, other than Korra’s father, to verbally allude to her being beautiful. Eska is brought to his attention as a “lovely lady.” And he wistfully talks about how Opal is “pretty.” But something I find interesting about this is that his talk about the girls’ beauty often sandwiched in the middle of other things he sees in them—it’s not the end-all-be-all. He also gushed that Korra was strong, fun, buff, and talented. Opal is “wonderful” and smells nice. I also find it interesting that all the ‘relationships’ (cause … some of those were… not…) where Bolin seemed to approach the girl, because “oo pretty!” were portrayed in comedic ways and fell apart spectacularly. Opal, he seemed almost completely un-phased at first, which is a first. And it by far has proven his most promising relationship.

So in ways the suggests that Bolin tends to be more openly interested in appearances than his brother. (Although I think it’s totally a stretch to suggest Mako doesn’t care at all about the girls’ looks. Especially with the aforementioned reaction to Asami. He cares.) But even in those circumstances, it doesn’t really glorify beauty as being a crucial element to any romantic relationship we’ve seen thus far. And even when we have a character like Asami, whose looks have made a minor impact on the plot, it still feels backseat to how the guys in the show consider and treat her. It’s a part of her, but not to the point it consumes everything else.



why are people freaking out about masami happening again because of that clip? If anything I think the end of the clip gave us a nice look at what their friendship is like.

Book 2 has made me paranoid as hell.

I sincerely hope Mako and Asami are about to have a “omg this guy is the most annoying guy ever why do I have to be his personal bodyguard?” “Yeah but I’ve had to host him” moment and not a “didn’t he know we’re together?” moment

Lol even FRANCESCA is going “PLEASE NO MASAMI” What a beautiful thing

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Well you projectile word-vomit very well (maybe analysis was a better word rather than commentary?) :D I am sorry about that depression arrow though :(

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Surprised? Psh, girl, you have some of the most amazing commentaries (and art) around!

Lol uhhh I don’t write commentaries—I projectile word-vomit without properly checking for typos or grammar.

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thank you so much for writing that makorra post i am so serious i never wanted to hug a post so much until your post showed up on my dash omg

Lol you’re welcome? Just sharing observations I’ve had for a while—I’m kind of surprised it’s being passed around.

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The problem I have is when people write to individuals as anons in an attempt to hate on what those individuals ship or feel to either try and intimidate them or make them feel guilty for liking a certain ship. It's ridiculous to be quite honest.

Yeah that’s not something I can claim to understand at all—it seems like time and effort spent to no end.

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I honestly love reading long meta posts about LoK and Makorra. I think it gives more insight into HOW and WHY characters might feel or act a certain way. It also explains the CONTEXT a bit better for those who may have been confused or had seriously misinterpreted the scenes. I completely agree with your Makorra analysis. It baffles me how other people do not see that, but at the same time I recognize that it their right to think or feel differently.

People process things different and apply different life experiences to their media consumption. While it can be very aggravating it can also be very insightful if you try to listen.

If I’m remembering correctly, the suggestion that Korra is physically beautiful has only been brought up in this show a grand total of two times, both by Bolin (and then one additional time “you look beautiful” was used as a compliment by her father).

When it comes to Mako, who is her primary romantic interest, it’s not been something he’s alluded to once. Even from a non-verbal standpoint, there hasn’t really been that, “Wow she’s hot” moment. Instead, the language and presentation chosen for him has always centered around him loving who she is as a person—what she’s capable of and her strengths and personality. It’s not, “You look amazing.” It’s, “You are amazing.”

I would argue that Mako legitimately looks up to Korra in many, many ways (and not just because she could hand his ass to him in a fight or literally has the elements at her bidding). Her physical attractiveness to him is almost completely left to be inferred, as it’s not her defining characteristic to him and it’s not what ultimately draws him to her.His love for her is presented as being rooted a GREAT deal in admiration.

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I think your opinion on makorra is one of the smartest and logical one ive heard in a very long time.

Thank you, that’s very nice to hear. :-P

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what do you mean about the observation?

Just that Korra and Mako’s failed attempt at a relationship was more about very difficult situations exacerbated by inexperience/immaturity than actual incompatibility. They’re pushed into decisions that no normal teenager or young adult needs to make.

Korra is trying to resolve personal, family issues, and find her true independence and voice—herself—like any other woman her age. But unlike other women she apparently cannot do that without dragging whole nations behind her into the fray. She doesn’t have that freedom because was born tied to the world and then not allowed to grow up normal. Mako apparently struggles with talking to her about things she doesn’t want to hear when it’s something that is legitimately just her problem. So when it starts to spiral into a global conflict, he REALLY doesn’t know how to alert her to the fact that she is on the brink of causing mass collateral damage for her personal interests, which she is bound to regret—to the point that it comes to them screaming at each other at the top of their lungs. Leave aside that this guy is also trying to discover what he wants for himself for once in his life, outside of just staying alive.

And who the crap has to deal with all of that, especially at that age? The root issues in their relationship are normal, but when wartime politics and doomsday scenarios come into play, what relationship can actually hang on unless its built on really solid foundation? And it’s cute to go the Disney/Beatles route and just be like, “No. They LOVE each other and THAT IS ALL THEY NEED.” But… that’s actually NOT all you need. If you base your entire relationship on romance, it will fail one day. The sparks don’t keep flying the same way forever—that’s a fact. Love evolves. And you have to know to keep up with it.

Honestly, I’m so glad that the girl who was locked up away from peers for 17 years and the boy who grew up in constant survival mode didn’t magically know how to gel with that person that drives them crazy in every way possible. It’s… nice to see, in my opinion—painful, uncomfortable or not.

Tangent: I still get very curious about the coaching they get on their characters’ mental, emotional, social etc. states as they have to deliver their performances. There’s probably some very silly and/or stupid wastes of time but potentially also some insightful little gems they strike on with the characters’ backstories, psyches, feelings and such.

But, you know. It’s kinda like David and Janet observed in that latest IGN video: “If things were different…”